Dumpster Rental Sizes in Flint

What’s the point of renting a dumpster if you can’t get the size you want? Well, you’ll be glad to hear that Flint Waste Disposal has a huge selection of sizes for you to choose from. Starting with the 10 yard dumpster, and going all the way up to the 40 yard dumpster, we have virtually every single container size you could possibly need for your next project. Our yard is always stocked to boot, so you won’t have to wait long to get your dumpster delivered.

Flint Waste Disposal Dumpster Rental Sizes
Size Dimensions Additional Fees Pricing
10 Yard 10 ft. (L) x 8 ft. (W) x 4 ft. (H) None. Flat Rate Please call 810-515-8129
15 Yard 14 ft. (L) x 8 ft. (W) x 4 ft. (H) None. Flat Rate Please call 810-515-8129
20 Yard 22 ft. (L) x 8 ft. (W) x 4 ft. (H) None. Flat Rate Please call 810-515-8129
30 Yard 22 ft. (L) x 8 ft. (W) x 7 ft. (H) None. Flat Rate Please call 810-515-8129
40 Yard 22 ft. (L) x 8 ft. (W) x 8 ft. (H) None. Flat Rate Please call 810-515-8129

How Does the Dumpster Rental Process Work?

Renting a dumpster is an awful lot like renting a car. You call the agency (hauler), request a specific style (size), and then you place the reservation (delivery) for the day you need it. The only real difference between renting a car and renting a dumpster is that one of them has an engine and four wheels, while the other just has two wheels and a door. That reminds us, we’ve been meaning to patent the “motorized dumpster”.

Once you have selected a dumpster and let us know where you’d like it placed, the only thing left to do is prepare your work site or home for the delivery. Most deliveries are completed within 1-2 business days of the order, so you have some time to get everything cleared away from the selected delivery area. If you are having it placed in your driveway, you will need to move your cars to the street to ensure there’s enough room for the dumpster as well as the truck. Every drop-off requires at least 70 feet of ground clearance, in addition to 14-18 feet of vertical clearance. So just be sure to check both the driveway and the sky for potential hindrances.

After the dumpster has been delivered, and you’ve filled it to the brim, all you have to do is call us back and we’ll come pick it up for you; lock, stock, and stinky barrel!

Pick a Dumpster That’s as Big as Your Project

So which size is it going to be? You’ve got at least five choices before you, any of which can be useful for your next cleanout. Every size dumpster we offer is suitable for a particular type of project based on the size and volume of the debris involved. Most home projects can be well-served by a smaller dumpster, such as the 10 or 15 yarder, since the only things you’ll be throwing out are most likely to be small bits of household junk or light construction materials, at most.

But for larger projects, such as renovations or complete building demolitions, you will almost certainly need to check out the 30 or 40 yard dumpsters. Each of these containers is built to handle these large projects with large chunks of debris. The 30 yard dumpster is a good place to start for those who aren’t sure if they will need a full-sized 40 yard container. If you are doing something really extensive, like tearing out all the sheetrock and appliances from a gutted home, then you will probably need multiple dumpsters, so swapping out different sizes shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

If you need additional help picking a dumpster, just let us know and we’ll help you pick the right one. You can reach us at 810-515-8129 any day of the week during normal business hours.